South African girls have been up in arms and disappointed in South African comedian Trevor Noah. This comes after Trevor spent his festive season here in South Africa with his girlfriend, Minka Kelly who has French, Irish and Dutch-Indonesian ancestry. The two are based in the United Stated where Trevor Noah has made a name for himself as host of the Daily Show.

Despite his success on the entertainment scene, Trevor Noah faced criticism for his choice of women after it emerged that he seems to not like dating black South African women. Trevor was in South Africa with his close South African friends including Anele Mdoda, Khaya Dlanga and Sizwe Dhlomo.

It did not take sharp-eyed South African girls to question Trevor Noah dating history and how he stays clear away from South African black women. The recent vacation in South Africa with Minka stirred a hornet’s nest. One follower was not blunt with his words and said this about Trevo Noah dating history :

“I know we don’t choose who we love but u Trevor bengeke athathe umuntu omnyama bakithi.. Black Hollywood men are weird”

black men and settling with white women as soon as they start being successful

Here is a look at Trevor Noah Dating history from before.

He is currently dating Minka Kelly

After his full-time move to the United States, Noah dated singer and model Jordyn Taylor. The two even walked the red carpet at several public events together such as the MTV Movie Awards in 2018, where Noah won the award for Best Host. Noah “quietly broke it off” between him and Taylor in 2018.

One of Noah’s first public relationships was with musician and physiotherapist Dani Gabriel, who is also from his native South Africa. The two started dating in 2014, and Gabriel even traveled with Noah as he toured around the world as a stand-up comedian and worked as a correspondent for The Daily Show


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