Recently, music producer Mampintsha Shimora was trending after he revealed how much someone has to fork out from their pocket just for him to feature in a song.

Mampintsha said he charges R100K for a feature.

That announcement recieved mixed reactions as he was dragged all over social media. Some were of the opinion that the money was too much after pointing out that he has fallen off as an artist, and would be lucky to find anyone that still wants him to feature in their music.

Now, Mampintsha has responded in a video clapping back at the haters.

He said those who questioned his fees have low standards and they are too cheap to afford him anyway.

“If you complain about the price you not the target market,” he captioned the post

Recently, Mampintsha’s wife, Babes Wodumo was also trending after she publicly shamed Makhadzi and accused her of smelling and wanting to “steal’ her husband from her.

She continued attacking the Khokhovha hitmaker and said she must not come anywhere near her man Mampintsha.

Babes then said this was all a publicity stunt and she was only promoting her EP called Crown.

She then shared snippets of songs from her EP which left her fans divided. Some said she has fallen off which is why she is drawing attention to herself, others said her music style needs to change if she still wants to retain the little relevancy she has, though others enjoy some of the songs.

Earlier on, she had also publicly shamed her mother-in-law in a video that went viral. Her management later came and said it was all a setup and a prank to get people talking.


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