Friday, January 21, 2022

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Uncle Vinny Catches “L” In Ghana, Slay Queens Ignore Him After He Throws Money Into A Crowd

South African teen sensation Uncle Vinny caught a major L in Ghana when he was completely ignored by everyone, including slay queens, after he threw some money into a crowd during a show.

The Ghana ladies attending the teen sensation’s show appeared nonplussed when the young performer threw 20 cedi notes into the crowd. No one seemed to bother to look at, let alone pick up the money.

Unsurprisingly, the video of slay queens ignoring Uncle Vinny has gone viral on social media. Ghanaians on social media have been celebrating the ladies who did not bother picking up the money. They scoffed at Uncle Vinny’s antics claiming that people would never sell their dignity for a measly 20 cedi. The 20 cedi notes that Uncle Vinny threw into the crowd translate to approximately R50.

Image Credit: Instagram

South Africans on social media also reluctantly accepted the “L” and counselled Uncle Vinny to learn to read the room better to avoid such flops in future.

Below are some of the reactions from social media,

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