Videos of irked social media personality, Dineo Ranaka took social media by storm this Tuesday morning sparking a heated debate as netizens battle each other’s two cents on the video unfolding.

Pacing up and down amongst a small crowd, the furious actor spat some painful words to one visibly dismayed man, Sechaba Sithole.

According to videos making rounds, the squabble took place at a backyard of one house during a friendly drink-up/get-together.

The famous sangoma tears into her ex only known as Sechaba Sithole.

Details of the altercation are not yet clear at the moment.

However, according to what she says in the video, this was one typical ex-love bitter fight at a friend’s get-together party. The kind that stops the party and gets everyone packing home.

At one point, she sharply reminds her ex that she was only using him to heal when they were together.

On the other hand, Sithole is said to have been using Dineo’s name and status to boost his ego.

The not so known to the public ex-boyfriend who looks shocked in most parts of the video is the founder and sole owner of Thole Chartered Accountants.

Watch the video below;

Despite lack of background knowledge to what caused this drama, social media has filed its two cents on the matter as presented below;

Its a battle between those who are against Dineo and those calling her out


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