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Umkhokha Actress Says Playing Nobuntu Helped Her Deal With Her Own Depression

Actress Khwezi Ndlovu who just exited Mzansi Magic’s drama Umkhokha as Nobuntu says she’s grateful for the journey.

Her character was written out on Sunday night when she committed suicide by drinking poison after suffering from depression.

Her death followed her toxic relationship with her mother Mamzombe, played by Deli Malinga.

The actress admitted in an interview that the role was therapeutic but challenging.

“I’d be lying if I said it was easy. There is not a single production in the world that is just easy. But once we started shooting, things went smooth. The team was united, and it was a pleasure coming to work.”

She also took to her social media after her exit this past Sunday and thanked the cast, crew, and fans who loved and understood her character.

“And it’s a bow out from me. I cannot even express how I feel right now,” she says.

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Khwezi used her personal experience with depression to help portray Nobuntu. She went through depression after her father was murdered in December 2020.

She says this year has been very blurry for her, and she doesn’t know how she’s pulled through.

Nobuntu helped her face some personal truths and deal with them in her own life.

She didn’t know how deep her depression was and how many layers of it she had until she played Nobuntu.

“Getting into the role helped me realised the depth. It helped me to talk to myself, to be vulnerable, cry my heart out and be true to Nobuntu that I lose myself completely, and it helped me to deal with my own issues. As crazy as it sounds, losing Kwezi to portray Nobuntu helped me find Kwezi.”

Her character was a constant reminder of what was going on in her personal life and she helped me to deal with the passing of her father.

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