Thabo Mooki On Kaizer Chiefs Losing The League

🎙” i don’t like to talk, but in our generation at Kaizer Chiefs we would never let a 13 points gap go just like that. Worse part we were not privileged enough like today’s players who get paid a lot of money and give you shameful results.

After the Bloem Celtic defeat, i was angry how disrespectful these players are, they simple did not want to play, that was immature performance. Even if the coach tactics were poor, you as a player you need to take initiative and do what you know best, this is an embarrassing generation to ever wear Kaizer Chiefs jersey.

If you will continue with some of these guys, i will rest my case, there are few players who deserve that jersey, like the guy from Serbia (Nurkovic), he didn’t deserve to be among such shameful players.”

Written by kbmoyo

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